SOLID-BCN Real Estate Advisor Company

Solid-BCN we are in charge of your Real Estate Investment and we take care of your tenants.

Property Development


SOLID-BCN’s purchase and development activities are focused on residential property in central Budapest.



Our philosophy is to provide attractive, affordable, efficient and durable living spaces for modern living-habits and preferences that meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of Budapest's local and international inhabitants.


The primary tenets of our work are to provide carefully considered and attractive living spaces with particular focus on: efficient and creative use of space, practical and flexible designs for easy and cheaper maintenance but at all times respecting existing architectural designs, styles and features.


The choice of materials is a key component of our finished product, meeting our own design criteria as well as practical requirements such as longevity and ease of maintenance. We have established relationships with a wide network of suppliers to ensure availability, choice and timely delivery. 

Development and Labour

Given the importance attached to a swift achievement of our design objectives, we have invested considerable time and effort in assembling a pool of contractors, skilled craftspeople, and project managers.