SOLID-BCN Real Estate Advisor Company

Solid-BCN we are in charge of your Real Estate Investment and we take care of your tenants.

With an anticipated upward economic trend and increasingly demanding urban population, SOLID-BCN is well-placed to provide for an anticipated increased demand for aesthetically-pleasing AND good value housing in central Budapest on the basis of its:

Domain expertise: SOLID-BCN has over ten years' experience acquiring and renovating high-end apartment units in downtown Budapest both on its own account and for investors;

Unique product: SOLID-BCN combines new designs and materials with attractive, typically 'Golden Period' (i.e. late 19th century), architecture to create what is proven to be a desirable and unique product;

Network and marketing: SOLID-BCN has developed personal contacts with executives and senior staff within many large international corporations and various Embassies in order to source tenants for its renovated properties;

Ability to create attractive returns: SOLID-BCN is able to create significantly above-average returns for individual investors and funds that it manages without incurring above-average costs and, more importantly, without running increased risk

Queremos que nuestros clientes estén satisfechos en todo momento; por eso, nuestro personal trabaja cada día para cumplir sus expectativas e incluso superarlas. Estudiamos cada caso de manera individualizada para asesorarte de la mejor manera posible, porque sabemos que cada situación es distinta y requiere de una solución a medida.

Contarás con un experto equipo de profesionales de toda confianza que te darán la tranquilidad de una empresa con amplia experiencia en el sector y en continua evolucióy delega tus gestiones en un grupo de expertos altamente cualificados.

Property Management


On behalf of investors and smaller individual clients, SOLID-BCN offers the following property management services: 

SOLID-BCN  sources and manages tenants for its investors as well as individual clients; responsibilities include ensuring timely payment of rent, dealing with tenant complaints and resolving practical problems as soon as they arise.